Primanest - Birdnest Phenomenon
bounce back to youth

Discover the phenomenon of pure bird nest. Bring back a visible youthfulness from deep within the cells.


The belief and practice of consuming bird nest can be dated back centuries ago when it was first recorded in Traditional Chinese Medicine texts which describe the vast benefits of bird nest. Its popularity sprung from a long tradition of eating the bird nest and gaining visible, tangible effects on health. Not only does it shorten patient recovery time, it also boasts an "elixir" effect: rejuvenating the skin and giving a more youthful appearance.

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What exactly is this bird's nest?

Bird's nest refers to the saliva produced by the Swiftlet birds, while making its nest. The saliva acts as glue, pasted to form a thin flaky wall in the nest. When the saliva comes in contact with air, it hardens and a white bird's nest cup is formed. The entire process takes around 30 days.

The saliva, though moist and in liquid form when produced, will harden into a type of strands. The saliva is considered the cement that holds the entire nest together, and the strands are interwoven throughout the nest. The strands should look almost completely gapless in order to protect the chick during reproduction.

A Swiftlet's bird nest is built primarily for laying eggs and housing the baby Swiftlet. After the eggs have been laid and hatched, the baby Swiftlet will remain in the nest until it is able to fly away independently. The nest then becomes abandoned and will not normally be re-used because, if not harvested, scavengers such as ants, lizards and cockroaches will consume the bird nest or the weather condition will ruin it.

Woven into the nest strands are bits of impurities or items such as twigs, mud, or feathers, which must be picked out prior to consumption. This cleaning step is the most time and effort consuming.



to science


Today, bird nest benefits are no longer a myth. Modern science identifies the key ingredient in bird nest as Glycoprotein. This so-called "super protein" is a principal substance the human body can produce, but regresses over time due to ageing and illness.
Glycoprotein can be found in abundance in Swiflets' nests which are made from the bird’s saliva. In the past, no scientific explanation can be made on the health benefits of the people who consume bird nest, as Glycoprotein was not known until its discovery, which garnered a Nobel prize in 1994.
Glycoproteins in bird nest are enriched in EGF, Sialic acid and 19 other types of amino acids.

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Birdnest Myth to Science
Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)

To understand the benefits that bird nest can work on our skin, we need to first be acquainted with EGF. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) can be found in human cells. It is a hormone produced by salivary and Brunner’s glands. EGF is a 6,000 Daltons polypeptide hormone, which is a key hormone in the human cell system. Normally, the human body can produce EGF, but its capacity usually subsides with age or pollution. EGF stimulates cell proliferation, differentiation and development. It is essential in repairing damaged skin tissue by stimulating new skin cells and accelerating wound healing process in patients undergoing surgery. More importantly, EGF also assists in preventing fine lines and creases while slowing down ageing and boosting skin radiance. With this efficacy there has been endeavor to extract EGF from various plants to produce a premium skincare line without realizing that EGF is abundant in natural bird nest. And it is this EGF in the bird nest which contains properties and structural characteristics most similar to those found in human body.

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In laboratories when scientists tried growing Fibroblast cells with pure bird nest extract, they were all amazed to find out that Fibroblast cells that are the building blocks for ligaments and collagen (which exists all over your body) more than doubled within 72 hours.

80% Glycoprotein

Research findings from scientists in many countries show that there are as much as 80% of Glycoproteinin pure bird nest. The fact that it is an all-natural substance derived from a particular animal specie, unlike plant extracts, it has the ability to help build human cells directly and efficiently. With proper production, sterilization and package processes, plus being consumed with the right amount, a routine dose of bird nest will reap maximum benefits for your body.

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Primapure Birdnest With Glycoprotein1
Primapure Birdnest With Glycoprotein2
Primapure Birdnest With Glycoprotein3

Scientifically Proven

A 1987 study by Prof. Dr. Gong et al found that bird nest essence extracted by hot boiling water contains EGF that stimulates DNA synthesis in 3T3 fibroblast, a standard human body cell that promoting fibroblast growth. This shows that bird nest has the bio property to stimulate skin cell growth and skin tissue.

Primapure With Glycoprotein
Fibroblast cells more than doubled within 72 hours.

“This evidence proves that the magical benefits of the bird nest is no longer an ancient myth but pure science”


Our range of phenomenal bird nest products

inside out

Health & Beauty From Within

"caviar of the east"

Known by westerners as a delicacy of the East.

Primapure Birdnest รังนกแท้สวยจากภายในสู่ภายนอก

i'm hooked!

i can't go a day without a spoon of
my Birdnest caviar

Jade Mougeot, Bordeaux France - A Believer

เครื่องดื่มรังนกแท้เข้มข้นพร้อมดื่ม Birdnest Carviar Primapure Pack 4
Primapure Birdnest Logo


The pure bird nest, bottled caviar-style, thus being called ‘Caviar of the East’, is filled with glycoprotein goodness that stimulates collagen production. Our ready-to-eat pure bird nest had been cooked and pasteurized without adding any sugar, taste or smell so you can easily combine it to your favourite food, drinks or desserts, or add syrup or honey to your liking. A teaspoon everyday will bring back a few years, from deep within you.
Primapure รังนกแท้รับประทานพร้อมอาหาร

natural health supplement  a  -
spoon everyday

Enrich from deep within you, add one teaspoon to your favourite food or dessert (once opened, keep refrigerated for up to 1 month).
เครื่องดื่มรังนกแท้เข้มข้นพร้อมดื่ม Birdnest Primapure Pack 4
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primanest pure bird nest ready to drink

A more wholesome twist to the familiar ready-to-drink formula, blended with only small amounts of rock sugar, it contains as much as 2.7% of pure bird nest for those who prefer mild sweet taste and love convenience.
    เครื่องดื่มรังนกแท้เข้มข้นพร้อมดื่ม Birdnest Primapure
    • with a natural sugar
    • for a good healhty.


    outside in


    Primapure Birdnest Logo


    Have you discovered...?
    The miracle of bird nest for health and beauty.

    If you still wonder… we dare you to prove with yourself.

  • Bird nest extract tested in the lab to speed up healing and regeneration process of human cells within less than 72 hours.
  • Scientifically proven with Glycoprotein & EGF goodness.
  • Made from the best and purest bird nest of Thailand.
  • Naturally steam heat extracted with 100% no chemicals
  • Certified by France’s leading independent laboratory.
  • Products of international standard, with quality ingredients, free of Parabens.
    • So try PRIMAPURE with bird nest extracts on your skin, and you will believer, like we do.

    ครีมรังนกแท้ Primapure ผิวสวยจากภายในสู่ภายนอก


    my skin is my make up now!

    Juliette Searle, Paris, France - A Believer

    ผลิตภัณฑ์ครีมบำรุงผิวรังนกแท้ Primapure

    Our nest cream is tested by France’s leading independent laboratory, with the benefits scientifically proven in restoring firmness to the skin. The test results after the trial use of PrimaPure are undeniable. PrimaPure is made of the bird nest essence which is naturally extracted without any use of chemicals, from the sources tended by love and care which are safe to both the birds and consumers.

    Dermscan สถาบันทดสอบผลิตภัณฑ์รังนกแท้ primapure
    ผลการทดสอบใช้งานผลิตภัฑ์รังนกแท้ Primanest


    PrimaPure was tested by Dermscan Group, France’s leading independent laboratory. The study showed that after using for six consecutive weeks, 97% of users found their skin to feel younger. Dermscan’s patented lab technology and equipment also indicated 87% skin firmness after the trial.
    ใบรับรองคุณภาพผลิตภัณฑ์รังนกแท้ระดับโลก Primanest Birdnest

    world class quality

    Oligo Sodium Hyaluronate with its smaller-than-nano molecule feature, is added to give skin a deeper moisturizing and faster absorption. The product is also enriched with Vitamin C – Ascorbyl Glucoside which makes skin radiant, reduces melanin production while remaining free of parabens that can cause cancer. PrimaPure is therefore an ideal cosmetic that is not only safe for use but truly beneficial and gentle to all skin types and users of all ages.


    i am
    a believer

    "I am a Believer....Are you?"

    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest0
    “My pores disappeared. I wake up in the morning and felt. I do not think I will need any make-up today!. I want others to see the real me without being smothered in powder!
    It has made me more confident. My age?
    You will be surprised if I tell you.”

    Poum Alisara / Luxury Kitchen Importer

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    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest1
    “My older brother is an avid smoker. The doctor said he has Emphysema and said there was no remedy. When my brother began eating bird nests, consecutively for 3-4 months, morning and night and he was cured...
    I have no choice but to believe in what PrimaNest can offer. I am confident, totally confident to eat this brand”
    Pu Patama / Senior Manager
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest2
    “I got healthy radiants. Rosy complex.
    Using it makes me happy,
    If I use it for a long time my skin must eventually become flawless.
    M Kanchana / Designer
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest3
    “My mum is over 80 years old now. When I gave PrimaNest to her one teaspoon in the morning and night. Her pains around knees area has disappeared.
    I also take PrimaNest every day. I feel much healthier.
    My skin looks radiance.”
    Nong Prangthip / Business Owner
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest4
    “Nowadays when I walk around with my sibling, people greet me as the younger one. It has made me more confident. I have no more doubt about it. Beauty should come from within and outside. By eating healthily, it will help our skin and organs develop in ways that will benefit us most. My skin feels much smoother.
    I am incredibly happy to have found this product.”
    Beech Patkittika / Marketing Manager
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest5
    ““You are what you eat.” This product will prove it.
    At my age, to just have someone compliment you for your looks that is all it takes to make me happy.
    It freshens us up almost instantaneously.”
    Mam Pacharawalai / Professor; Traveler
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest6
    “I always have problem with various allergies. But after having consumed bird nest for a continued period of time, I realized that my breathing tracts were much clearer, felt widened and much more comforting. I really felt at ease. Let me tell you that of all of its kind, there is only one brand that I truly accept to eat, and that is…..Primanest.”
    Chang Tacha / Health Supplement Business Owner
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest7
    “Bags underneath your eyes will be lighten up, making you look fresher in the morning than usual.
    You can feel that it really works.”
    Art Worasak / Creative Director
    Review จากลูกค้า รังนกแท้ ครีมรังนก สบู่รังนก Primanest8
    “Chinese descendants like myself of course know & consume bird nest. Our elders taught us about its benefits, and we dutifully followed. I didn't know till now about this miraculous Glycoprotein behind bird nest's magic. The more reasons for me to take bird nest everyday! Gotta tell Lao Ma about PrimaNest!"
    Ms. Ruth Ang


    bird safe

    human safe

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    Our bird nests are collected from safe and clean sources - the popular nestling spots for thousands of swiftlet couples that keep coming back year after year to lay their eggs and feed their newborns with the food they caught from the lush wetlands in the south of Thailand. Once the chicks are old enough, the swiftlets abandon their homes, leaving us with a precious gift - pure bird nest packed with goodness.

    bird science

    รังนก เกิดขึ้นจากนกที่มีชื่อสายพันธุ์ว่า COLLOCALIA FUCIPHAGA หรือเรียกว่านกแอ่น กินรัง EDIBLE-NEST SWIFTLET มีขนาดปานกลาง ลำตัวสีน้ำตาลเข้มเกือบดำ สะโพกสีน้ำตาล หรือเทาอ่อน หางแฉกเล็กน้อย ท้องและนัยน์ตาสีน้ำตาล จงอยปากสีดำและตีนดำ มีความสามารถ เปล่งคลื่นเสียงออกมาใช้ช่วยในการบิน มีถิ่นที่อยู่บริเวณตอนใต้ของทวีปเอเชีย ไปถึงหมู่เกาะ ฟิลิปปินส์ อินโดนีเซีย ออสเตรเลีย ขนาดลำตัวยาว 7.6-13 ซม. มีปีกยาว 11-11.8 ซม. และ น้ำหนักตัวประมาณ 8-9.5 กรัม ปกติออกหากินในตอนกลางวัน มีสายตาเฉียบคมเห็นได้ดีในแสง สลัว นกแอ่นจะบินตลอดเวลาโดยไม่เกาะกิ่งหรือลงเดินบนพื้นเลยระหว่างออกหากิน อาหารหลัก ของนกชนิดนี้คือ แมลงมีปีก เช่นมดมีปีกและแมงเม่า ผสมพันธุ์ปีละ 3 ครั้ง เมื่อผสมพันธุ์แล้วจะ สร้างรังไว้รอ เพื่อวางไข่ จำนวนไม่เกินสองฟองต่อหนึ่งรัง
    ปกตินกแอ่นจะป้ายน้ำลายเพื่อทำรังไว้วางไข่เท่านั้น นกชนิดนี้ไม่ใช้รังนอน แต่จะใช้อุ้งเล็บเกาะนอน ข้างรัง เมื่อลูกนกบินจากไป รังจะถูกทิ้งไว้ และเนื่องจากรังนกเป็นโปรตีน ก็จะมีแมลงและสัตว์มากัด กินรัง หรือรังหักพังไปตามสภาพทิ้งร้าง แม่นกจึงจะสร้างรังใหม่เมื่อผสมพันธุ์ครั้งใหม่ โดยรวมเวลา ตั้งแต่เริ่มสร้างรังจนลูกฟักเป็นตัว และแข็งแรงจนสามารถบินออกจากรังได้ ใช้เวลาประมาณ 90 วัน ซึ่งเมื่อนกบินไปแล้ว จึงเป็นเวลาเหมาะสมที่จะเก็บรัง ซึ่งนกแต่ละตัวอาจแข็งแรงพอจะบินออกจากรัง ในเวลาแตกต่างกัน
    ขั้นตอนการเก็บรังนกของ primanest ขั้นตอนการเก็บรังนก
    นกแอ่นมักทำรังอยู่ร่วมกันเป็นกลุ่มใหญ่ทั้งในถ้ำริมทะเลและถ้ำตามเทือก เขาหินปูน ตลอดจนอาคารบ้านเรือน หรือวัดที่มีองค์ประกอบเหมาะสม
    การเก็บรังนกบ้าน จึงเป็นมิตรกว่ารังนกถ้ำ เพราะทุกรังที่เก็บ เราสามารถปีนขึ้นไปตรวจสอบได้ก่อน ว่า รังร้างแล้วหรือยัง และเลือกเก็บได้เป็นรังๆไป ไม่ต้องแทงรังลงมาทีละมากๆ แม่นกจึงรู้สึกปลอดภัย และอยากกลับมาพักพิงเพื่อสร้างรังวางไข่ที่เดิมอีก
    Skeptics have actually tested by tying ropes around the legs of a swiflet couple and discovered that the same exact couple keeps returning to the same familiar nestling ground again and again. PhithanLife Co.,Ltd., as an artisanal producer of bird nest, feel truly blessed by the swiftlets that had been leaving behind their premium quality raw nests for decades. In turn, we are committed to providing the best care and peaceful haven to these birds.
    ความปลอดภัยจากรังนกแท้ คัดล้างทำความสะอาดด้วยมือตลอดกระบอนการผลิต บรรจุด้วยความดันร้อนสูงโดยเทคโนโลยีรีทอร์ต