In 1914, Phithan Phanich Co,. Ltd. started off as a dealer of Kerosene under the trademark ‘Mongkut’ in Pattani, owned by an 18 year-old entrepreneur named Jan Hok Sun, starting out with 3,000 Baht his father gave him. As a result of hard work and dedication, together with teamwork from his cousins from Hokkien, their hometown in China, Jan Hok Sun business continues to thrive all over the south of Thailand and overseas. His charitble character led him to give back to local schools and hospitals making him so widely known for his generosity and honesty that he was granted the royal title Luang Phithan Amnuaikij and surname Chanrasami,

when he was 35 years old. In 1939, he registered all of his businesses under the name Phithan Phanich Co Ltd.

Today the company is over 60 years old, and has had expanded into a variety of businesses, e.g. distributors of various motorcycle and automobile (in Bangkok and many provinces south of Thailand), dealer of gasoline, and rubber plantation, all being run using Luang Phithan’s original vision, by his family until the present day.