‘Our family has been blessed by these birds’, said Khun Anita Maria Chanrasmi Lefebvre, Managing Director of PhithanLife, whose vision is to bring the real goodness of bird nest to its true potential. ‘Even I, as a third generation of the family, having seen these bird nests being picked since I was very young, never really understood the true goodness of bird nest, until now". Living 6 months a year in France with her French husband, Khun Anita is committed to building the brand of the "Purest Bird Nest" for the world, "the way it should be".

Khun Anita, like any other Chinese descents, has been told bird nest is good for their health and most suitable during recovery from illnesses. "But I never really cared, being a girl of modern science." She confessed to never picking up the ever-present bird nest bottles in the fridge all these years. Until, out of curiosity, she started to seriously study its attributes & benefits. Her discoveries came with amazement and a commitment to bringing bird nest consumption into the modern era.

“Nothing is mythical about how the nests work. Lab tests and numerous studies have proven the vast benefits of bird nest. It’s not a myth, just pure science. And I intend to show it to the world, the way it should be.” Khun Anita tells about her plans in uncovering the real benefits to appeal to the new generations.